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Our painting company is family-owned and has devoted itself to maintaining the historical beauty of Tualatin, Oregon, since 1995. We offer painting and restoration services for jobs of all types.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Tualatin Company for Your Painting and Restoration Projects?

Maybe you’ve lived in your Tualatin home for a long time and the paint is badly in need of some upkeep.

Or perhaps you’ve considered painting your home or business yourself — but who has time for that?

If you hire the professional A1 team of Tualatin painters, you can be sure the job gets done right.

Sure, you could attempt to do the job yourself. But that comes with:

  • Hard work
  • Time you likely don’t have
  • Loads of decision-making about paint colors, finishes, etc. 

Not to mention that there could also be structural issues you don’t even know about that could add extra time and money into the equation. Things like, possible …   

  • Water damage
  • Rotting wood 
  • Pests
  • And more 

… would be overwhelming to find and are best left to the pros.

That’s why hiring a Tualatin house painting company, like A1 Paint Removal, Painting & Restoration, is the smartest move you could make.

Our experienced team will ensure that the job is done safely, effectively, and affordably.

We Have Been Servicing Our Community as Premier Tualatin Painters for Decades

Our family-owned business has been serving the Tualatin area and making a difference in the community since 1995 — over 25 years! 

Some people think they don’t need help with house painting. Tualatin, Oregon, residents are often no different. But so much goes into a painting project — why not contact our team for a free consultation and estimate with no strings attached?

Our consultation will allow you to … 

  • Walk through the process step-by-step
  • Give us an idea of your wants, style, and budget needs; and
  • Find out what our pros can do for you

Since A1 has both the utmost professionalism and a desire to serve our community, you’ll want to contact us today. Find out why Tualatin residents have trusted us with their painting projects for decades and how we can help you access the best Tualatin painters. 

Whether You Have a Small Tualatin House Painting Project or a Large Commercial Project Our Experienced Team of Tualatin Painters Can Help

Residential Projects

Your home is your pride and joy, so our Tualatin, Oregon, painters are here to give you the best service possible. After all, we would want no less for our own homes.

We provide many residential Tualatin house painting services, including: 

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Paint restoration; and
  • Pressure washing

Our Tualatin house painting team is here to help with whatever you need — from prepping your home to list it for sale or giving it a whole new look.

Let our team increase the value of your home while we bring your vision to life.

Commercial Projects

We are professional Tualatin house painters, but we’re also much more. We offer services providing painting and restoration to:
  • Retail establishments 
  • Commercial facilities; and 
  • Historic buildings important to Tualatin

The decision to start a commercial paint and restoration project shouldn’t be made lightly. You want to make sure your vision will be completed: 

  • At a reasonable price
  • With the highest level of quality; and
  • With long-lasting results 

The professional, full-service exterior and interior painting team at A1 Painting and Restoration wants to help you improve your current space or create a new one.

Quality over quantity — that’s one of the tenets of our small, family-owned company. This means you can trust that you’ll get the highest level of quality and personal attention in the Tualatin area when you work with us.

Our Process: As Tualatin’s Most Trusted Painting Company, Our Team Ensures Your Project Is Done Right

Do you want a paint job with flawless results? Of course, you do. That’s why A1 is the Tualatin painting company you should choose. Our professional painters have the attention to detail and effective techniques that ensure everything will be done right the first time. 

Our team won’t just paint your building, we’ll make sure it’s perfect. 

You can trust our team to go the extra mile by: 

  • Meticulously removing all rust and rot from the exterior and taking down fixtures not meant to be painted
  • Power washing your home to get rid of any dirt 
  • Smoothing out any rough spots to get ready for priming
  • Priming all surfaces to prep for painting 
  • Sealing and caulking all gaps and cracks 
  • Making sure every surface is evenly coated with paint through a combination of techniques 

Here are some of our completed projects in the greater Tualatin and Portland areas — take a look and see our dedication to painting and restoration for yourself.

Services We Offer in Tualatin

Our Tualatin painting services consist of:

  • Paint Removal: As premier Tualatin painters, we educate ourselves on the industry’s most current techniques to remove paint safely and effectively. We strive to constantly change and improve our processes to leave no trace behind — which means no paint chips or mess for you to deal with.
  • Custom Carpentry: Our Tualatin carpentry team can help you with any improvements and renovations you need. We love turning an old, run-down space into something shiny and new. 
  • Premium Interior & Exterior Painting: Change up any space by letting our team handle your interior and exterior Tualatin house painting jobs. Our full-service interior and exterior Tualatin painting projects come out like a dream every time. 
  • Project Consulting:  Do you need someone to discuss your ideas with, or are you unsure of the direction you want to take? We are here to be a sounding board and give you our expert advice. No matter the size of your Tualatin home or business, your happiness and vision are our top priority. 
  • Historic Home Paint Renovation: The history of Tualatin is important to us. We want to bring old buildings to life while maintaining their history. Our team of Tualatin painters helps revive historic homes and structures across the city. 

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