Bobcat house - exterior painting
Exterior Paint Removal and Painting in Oregon
Portland Exterior Paint Removal and Painting
Our gorgeous landscape and consistent weather is one of the reasons people are moving to Portland, but all that rain and sunlight can still take a toll on your home. At A1 Paint Removal and Restoration, we take pride in our full-service exterior painting work. Our team of experienced inspectors will evaluate your your home’s needs, taking into account age, base material, and finish. Along with priming, caulking, and painting new homes, we can strip and power wash off old paint jobs so that the wood looks as good as new!
  • Removal of all rotten wood, rusted metal, and fixtures not intended to be painted.
  • Power Washing: Breaks down the bonds between the surface being cleaned and any dirt, dust, and chalking residue covering it.
  • Sanding: Smoothes over splinters, bumps, and rough patches so that primer will adhere properly.
  • Priming: Coats any unpainted surfaces, protecting them from the elements. For brick, stucco and vinyl surfaces, we apply a latex primer; for wood surfaces, we apply an oil-based primer.
  • Caulking: Seals all gaps and cracks, keeping water damage at bay and reducing your utility bill.
  • Painting: We use a combination of double coating, spraying, back-rolling, and hand brushing to ensure that every surface, from shutters to gutters to lattice work to front doors, is evenly coated.