Specializing in historic homes
Every drop of paint removed.
Paint stripped down to the wood
It all starts with safe and effective paint removal. Though often referred to as paint stripping or paint scraping, our approach — developed and refined over years of experience since 1995 — encompasses the best and most current techniques in the business. These include green, chemical-free methods, and a rigorous prep and cleanup protocol that leaves no trace behind — no paint chips, no mess — each and every day.

Preparing the wood surfaces is of primary importance as it ensures that your home keeps its new paint job as long as possible. Surfaces left untreated can cause your paint to fail and flake and leave your home with a less than pristine finish. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Of course, paint removal is just the beginning. Once you have taken that all-important first step, we’re here to assure that you take full advantage of it by taking care of any repairs or restoration your house needs, and topping it all off with the best possible repainting.

Our paint removal services are not technically lead abatement services — which is generally much more involved and much more expensive. However, we stand behind the safety and uncompromising results of our work, as we have for countless clients since 1995. We guarantee your complete satisfaction in realizing the dream of bringing out the best in your home.
Just a note for those worried about overwintering a bare home: After A1 has removed the paint from a house, it can sit in an unpainted state for up to 6 months without any negative effects caused by rain, snow or sun.